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Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

Ingredients 3 tbls. Cacao 1 tbls. Maca 2-3 Frozen Bananas 2 cups Almond Milk (I make my own with raw organic almonds, water, and dates) 1 tbls. Almond Butter 1 tbls. Chia Seeds 1 tbls. Flex Seeds Directions In a … Continue reading

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Easy Vegan High Protein Breakfast Burrito

Ingredients Sprouted super firm tofu (2/3 cup) yellow onion green pepper black beans (8 oz.) cilantro salsa coriander turmeric cumin burritos (2) Directions (Serves 2) 1. Cut up tofu in small pieces. Stir on medium heat until water from tofu … Continue reading

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My Favorite Soup

Are you in the mood for a healthy, delicious, and filling soup? Put on your cooking hat, get your blender ready, and bring your appetite! We’re about to heat it up! Serves: 2-3 Ingredients: 1-2 cups broccoli 1 cup spinach … Continue reading

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Quinoa Veggie Nut Mishmash

Ingredients: Quinoa, broccoli, yam, red potato, purple potato, Brussels sprout, asparagus, purple cabbage, carrots, green onions, yellow onion, garlic, ginger, flax seeds, raisins, crushed raw almonds and cashews, goji berries, and lemon. Servings: 3-4  Step 1: Boil 1/2 cup of … Continue reading

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Are People Really Still Drinking Cows’ Milk in 2013?

The only difference between my homemade almond milk and cows’ milk is that I didn’t have to confine a cow in her own feces, force her to live with painful mastitis, prevent her from nursing her babies, artificially inseminate her, treat … Continue reading

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My Kale Salad Tastes Better than Your Hamburger

It’s super easy and fast to make, it’s so delicious that you will make noises when you eat it, and it never gets old. I’ve engulfed it at least 200 times and I still crave it. What is it? It’s kale salad! Did … Continue reading

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The Perfect Juice

The power of juicing is well documented. The power of my perfect juice is not…until now! My juice contains apple, pear, beet (turns a green juice purple!), ginger, spinach, kale, cucumber, carrots, celery, and lemon (optional). I make one for breakfast every … Continue reading

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