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The Most Interesting Vegan in the World 2

He sold 30 million copies of his vegan cookbook and he doesn’t cook. When he got pulled over for speeding, he gave the police vegan donuts and they apologized for slowing him down. His mother tried to eat a cheeseburger … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Vegan In The World

When he attends events to protest cruelty to animals, the¬†abusers protest with him. When someone asks him where he gets his protein, he bench presses them. When he walks into a fur farm, the employees start skinning themselves. He once … Continue reading

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Uncooked Sweet Potato Remains Uneaten On Counter

Tampa, FL – A perfectly good-looking sweet potato entered its fifth day on the kitchen counter Thursday after its owner, Sam Martin, purchased it at the grocery store. After seeing it stacked in a pile in the vegetable aisle at¬†Whole … Continue reading

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