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The Most Important Lessons I’ve Ever Learned

Children yearn to be loved. Love, engage, challenge, and nurture them and they will blossom. Believe in them and they will believe in themselves. The only person you will ever fully know is yourself. There are very few leaders in the world. … Continue reading

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Future Conversations

Daughter: “Mom, is it true people used to pay to see elephants and other animals perform in the circus? The circus we see only has people in it.” Mother: “Yes, honey.” Daughter: “Why did they do that? The people weren’t good … Continue reading

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Not Ready to Say Goodbye

What does a dog mean to you? What has my dog meant to me? Without his love, I don’t know who I’d be. I found him alone, I found him on my lap. Twelve years ago, We took our first … Continue reading

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