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How to Stop Sucking at Life

Artist Liu Qiang’s thought-provoking masterpiece illustrates people’s disturbing addiction to cows’ milk and the anguish it causes these good-natured animals. Contrast Qiang’s troubling statue with this photo of raw almonds, also known as one of the world’s healthiest foods. Almonds … Continue reading

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How Much Pain Can You Stand?

Can I stick a needle in your eye? Can I cut out your teeth? Can I drop you in scalding hot water? Can I remove your skin? Can I stick you with an electric prod? Can I drill a hole … Continue reading

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The Truth About Milk

The Harvard Public School of Health published the results of recent studies seeking to determine if calcium from cows’ milk helps prevent osteoporosis (the weakening of bones), the primary argument made for drinking it the past century. Unlike biased studies … Continue reading

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If Cows Could Speak

I am a cow. I like to feel the sun on my back, graze in an open field, roam freely, and nurse my young. I provide milk for my babies and I love them as you love your family. I also … Continue reading

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