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Laugh for Sam Simon

Originally posted on Kirschner's Korner:
Protesting with Sam in LA. I wrote this tribute to Sam when I found out he had cancer. Sam passed away today at age 59. I’m sharing this story again to remind people of…

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Why Some People Should Never Be Allowed to Adopt a Shelter Dog

When we adopt a shelter dog, we make a lifelong commitment. The dog we adopt may have been hit by a car, neglected and left starving in a backyard, raced, kicked and beaten and now fearing human contact, or surrendered … Continue reading

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Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

Ingredients 3 tbls. Cacao 1 tbls. Maca 2-3 Frozen Bananas 2 cups Almond Milk (I make my own with raw organic almonds, water, and dates) 1 tbls. Almond Butter 1 tbls. Chia Seeds 1 tbls. Flex Seeds Directions In a … Continue reading

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Easy Vegan High Protein Breakfast Burrito

Ingredients Sprouted super firm tofu (2/3 cup) yellow onion green pepper black beans (8 oz.) cilantro salsa coriander turmeric cumin burritos (2) Directions (Serves 2) 1. Cut up tofu in small pieces. Stir on medium heat until water from tofu … Continue reading

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One Last Kiss

I wasn’t ready to rescue a dog but I learned of a puppy in need of a home so I decided to visit him on a whim. A miniature white Schnauzer, he was only two months old and just a … Continue reading

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10 Difficult Questions Every Animal Advocate Should Ask Themselves

As animal advocates, we try to inspire others to show compassion for all animals. We may also serve animals well if we reflect on our own decisions since there is always more we can do. I hope these questions cause … Continue reading

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How to Stop Sucking at Life

Artist Liu Qiang’s thought-provoking masterpiece illustrates people’s disturbing addiction to cows’ milk and the anguish it causes these good-natured animals. Contrast Qiang’s troubling statue with this photo of raw almonds, also known as one of the world’s healthiest foods. Almonds … Continue reading

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