Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

kirschners korner smoothie

3 tbls. Cacao
1 tbls. Maca
2-3 Frozen Bananas
2 cups Almond Milk (I make my own with raw organic almonds, water, and dates)
1 tbls. Almond Butter
1 tbls. Chia Seeds
1 tbls. Flex Seeds

In a high powered blender, blend all ingredients and enjoy this chocolate smoothie.

It’s delicious and refreshing and it’s always a more compassionate and healthier choice than eating eggs and bacon. Please consider giving it a try. Thank you.

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6 Responses to Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

  1. Sounds Yummy! Have you tried using Hemp Milk instead of Almond (since the almond butter is in there too)?

  2. Ellen Kennelly says:

    Hi Andrew, Great post (as always) and nice coincidence: I just updated my own reply to the chocolate-milk-as-ideal-exercise-recovery idiocy (catalyzed by article extolling its virtues in our national rowing magazine) and its circulating in the rowing world now. Attached here, and please feel free to share far and wide.

    My husband and I are loving your rescue bars (have bought 4 cases so far) and I’m promoting them among friends.

    All the best, Ellen 

  3. Sharon Cohen says:

    Sounds delicious, but too many calories for me. Checking out your other choices.

  4. This looks sooo good! I wish I could get my hands on some maca powder!

    I made a similar smoothie, but I used peanut butter, not almond butter, gave it this real snickers bar flavour. And served in a glass with strawberries as more of a dessert. I love hoe flexible these smoothies can be!

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