Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Protest Signing Of Entire Team

Pittsburgh – In a surprising move, more than 500 fans showed up outside of Heinz Field on Wednesday not to protest the signing of Michael Vick but rather to oppose the signing of the entire football team in an attempt to illustrate the hypocrisy many fans display by selectively condemning cruelty to some animals while supporting the unnecessary abuse of other animals.

“We don’t think any of them should play until they stop eating animals that are needlessly confined, tortured, deprived, exploited, and brutally killed,” explained a fan. “If cruelty to animals is a violation of league policy and if our fans oppose it as they do with Michael Vick, we believe the policy and their outrage should include all animals, not just domesticated animals like dogs.”

The NFL’s response was mixed. NFLPA President Eric Wilson said he couldn’t understand the comparison until he was shown a video of what transpires in the animal agriculture industry after which he agreed to solicit team owners to offer plant-based meals in all stadiums as a concession. Roger Goodell tried to deflate the protest by offering to suspend Tom Brady for two more games. Ben Roethlisberger, the Steelers quarterback, who settled rape allegations, did not respond to requests for comment.

When asked why fans were not protesting the signing of Michael Vick, a fan stated that people who eat animals needlessly kill far more animals than Vick did in his dog fighting ring and the animals suffer and die in the same horrific ways. “We don’t need to eat animals to survive any more than Vick needed to fight dogs to survive,” the fan explained. “So what’s the difference? Simply because something is legal doesn’t make it right. Slavery used to be legal. A pig that spends her life in a gestation crate and can never turn around, gets beaten by factory workers, and then dropped in a scalding tank of water while still conscious doesn’t say, ‘This hurts but it’s not so bad because I’m a pig and I’m meant to be eaten.’ Our goal is to help people make the connection that all animals matter and deserve the same freedom to live their lives that we wish for ourselves.”


Pittsburgh is scheduled to play New England in Week 1. Thousands of fans are expected to boo Vick if he appears on the field while eating hot dogs, hamburgers, and other remains of abused animals.

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The Death of Betty the Chicken

This July 31, 2015 article by the New York Times Editorial Board has been rewritten substituting the life of a chicken for a lion. Additional words have been changed to reflect the life of a chicken. All non-original content is in bold. The article now reads how it would be written in a more just society.


The Death of Cecil the Lion Betty the Chicken

The death of Cecil, the black-maned lion Betty, the chicken killed by an American big-game hunter in Zimbabwe in Indiana, has unleashed a global storm of Internet indignation. The hunter accused killer, Dr. Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, Eric Wagner, a laborer from Ohio, has been forced into hiding.

On the face of it, the reasons are not hard to discern: In an era of dwindling wildlife, a human health crisis, climate change, and concern for animal welfare, proliferation of threatened species and a shameful history of large-scale poaching of elephants slaughter of pigs, cows, turkeys, and fish, and other beasts, big-game hunting in Africa animal agriculture does not hold the allure it may have had in Teddy Roosevelt’s Ronald Reagan’s day. And Cecil Betty was no ordinary lion chicken but that doesn’t matter because all animals matter equally in today’s society.

The 13-year-old lion 6-month-old chicken was a star attraction at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, out of which the hunters lured him with a carcass, and he wore a collar by which scientists at the University of Oxford had been tracking him since 2008. unknown to the world. It was wrong and, according to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force U.S. Department of Agriculture, illegal to kill Cecil Betty. Dr. Palmer Mr. Wagner, who reportedly gets paid more than $50,000 for the hunt$15 per hour at his job, said he relied on local guides archaic traditions and did not know it was an illegal hunt. An official at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Bureau of Investigation said the agency is also investigating the case.

Some humans are still very selective in their attitudes toward threatened species, and obviously CecilBetty, a beautiful beast sentient being, is the beneficiary of very selective attention deserved to be treated like all other animals. And while critics and non-hunters billions of people who don’t eat animals are repelled by the killing of beautiful animals simply for bragging rights food, hunters people who still eat animals are not the main reason for the decline in the population of African lions — about 30,000 today, down from 200,000 a century ago their premature, gruesome, and unnecessary deaths. The main threat, as to many other animals large and small, is a vanishing habitat. Some hunters argue that they help conservation through their efforts to maintain the habitats of their prey.

These rare debates will not be ended by Cecil’s Betty’s cruel death, but maybe something important can come of the public outrage. It should refocus attention on the many species that are in danger killed every year, particularly elephants, rhinos chickens, cows, pigs, and fish and other beasts being destroyed for their tusks, horns and other body parts. President Obama was right on his African trip to forgo the usual safari animal-based meals and instead to announce new legal measures to curtail the transport and sale of elephant ivory in the United States. he would only eat plant-based food.

The fury over Cecil’s Betty’s death should also prompt some soul-searching among hunters people who pursue African game, a large number of whom are well-to-do Americans buy products tested on animals, wear fur and leather, and pay to see animals exploited at places like SeaWorld, circuses, and zoos. In one particularly dreadful SeaWorld practice called “canned” hunting One Ocean, captured whales are forced to perform tricks, and in the few remaining underground circuses, elephants are beaten with a bullhook until they submit to follow orders to entertain paying customers.

Australia Fortunately, most of the world has banned the importation of trophies from “canned” hunts, and Botswana for one has banned lion hunting (Zambia, however, lifted its ban on lion and leopard hunting in May). cruel and unnecessary practice of raising animals for food. Such measures could help reduce the kills, but It is well established that the survival of many species will require far more shared responsibility than nations and communities are currently willing to accept. resulted from people realizing that animals are here with us, not for us, and that we must take every step possible to ensure the same rights of freedom for them as we do for ourselves. Fortunately, we now live in a time when it is commonly accepted that we have no more right to abuse,confine, exploit, or kill an animal than we do a person. Future generations will look back at this period of time with great admiration that people shed the misguided traditions of previous centuries and learned to extend compassion to all animals.

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Negative Advocacy for Animals National Conference


Are you searching for ways to reduce the positive impact you make in the lives of animals? Search no more! Join us at the First Annual Negative Advocacy for Animals National Conference. This event will provide everyone who always has something bad to say about good news the opportunity to hone their morale depletion skills. Here is a glimpse into some of the counterproductive presentations and breakout sessions:

Day 1 – Veganism: A Movement Whose Time Can Wait
1) The Word Vegan: Preventing People from Using it Without Our Permission
2) Vegan or Nothing: Eliminating the Middle Ground
3) Progress: Why It Harms Animals
4) Meatless Mondays: How to Get People Not Eating Meat on Mondays to Start Eating Meat on Mondays Again if they’re Not Going to Stop Eating Meat Every Other Day
5) How to Stop People from Putting Daiya Cheese on Hamburgers
6) Hampton Creek Foods: What’s Taking So Long?

Day 2 – Famous People: Who Needs Them?
1) Miley Cyrus: How to Stop Her from Singing about Showing Compassion for Animals and Why Her Millions of Fans will Never Listen
2) Ending Paul McCartney’s Vegetarian Thanksgivings
3) Bill Clinton: Vegan for Health Reasons Does NOT Count!
4) What Are We Going to do about Beyonce?*
*Includes a trip to Capitol Hill to lobby legislators to pass a law forbidding anyone who wears fur from promoting plant-based food

Day 3: Ineffective Advocacy 101
1) Attacking Vegetarians for Eating Cheese
2) The Art of Inspiring People to Hate You
3) On Being Perfect
4) Campaigning Against Non-Vegan Companies Offering Vegan Options
5) Turning Good News into Bad News
7) Bashing Animal Rights Organizations No Matter What They Do
8) Wishing Death Upon People

Day 4: Undercover Investigations
1) Identifying Leather Belts from a Distance
2) Testing Veggie Burgers for Fish Oil

Special Bonus Session if you Register by July 1
How to Come Completely Unglued When Someone You Don’t Even Know Blocks You on Social Media Instead of Ignoring It like a Healthy Person

Event Sponsors
Armani, McDonalds, Ringling, Donna Karan, Chris Christie, SeaWorld, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Animal Agriculture Alliance, Ted Nugent, Chik fil A, and Steve King. With special thanks from all those who harm animals.

Tickets will be ridiculously expensive. Food will be served by a restaurant claiming to be vegan. Venue to change without notice. Acoustics will be awful. Parking will be insufficient.

Buy your tickets at www.NegativeActionforAnimals.com.

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Laugh for Sam Simon

Originally posted on Kirschner's Korner:

Protesting with Sam in LA. Protesting with Sam in LA.

I wrote this tribute to Sam when I found out he had cancer. Sam passed away today at age 59. I’m sharing this story again to remind people of Sam’s life. I hope he inspires you to do good in the world.

Who is Sam Simon and why should you care? Sam Simon may have made you laugh more than most people you know. He made me laugh for years. I stopped laughing a few weeks ago when I learned Sam has cancer.

Sam wrote for Taxi and Cheers, co-created The Simpsons with Matt Groening, and won multiple Emmys for his groundbreaking work but the animal protection community admires him for much more than those achievements.

Sam has been a generous friend to me. He helped me knock out Michael Vick’s television show sponsors with Howard Stern, drew photos of Bart Simpson for me to auction off to benefit…

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Why Some People Should Never Be Allowed to Adopt a Shelter Dog

andrew kirschner animal rescue bar


When we adopt a shelter dog, we make a lifelong commitment. The dog we adopt may have been hit by a car, neglected and left starving in a backyard, raced, kicked and beaten and now fearing human contact, or surrendered by the only family and home he or she has ever known. These are not reasons to not adopt shelter dogs; these are the reasons we should adopt shelter dogs instead of supporting pet stores with dogs from cruel puppy mills or profit-driven breeders who unnecessarily contribute to overpopulation problems.

Erin Auerbach’s harmful Washington Post article “Why I’d never adopt a shelter dog again” (intentionally not hyperlinked to prevent an increase in your blood pressure) fails to recognize several key points:

1) If a shelter dog has a challenging medical problem, we can’t extrapolate that experience to all shelter dogs. Most shelter dogs are healthy.

2) Any dog we adopt, even from a breeder or pet store, comes with health risks.

3) If we enjoy the company of a healthy dog for 10 years, as Auerbach did, and then the dog becomes ill, that is part and parcel of caring for a companion animal, not cause for complaint. When we sign the paper at the dog shelter, we must be ready to sign the bill at the vet’s office. My dog swallowed a lamp cord when he was six-months-old and almost died. Anything can happen.

4) Purchasing a dog from a breeder is not a “good deed” as Auerbach insists. With millions of dogs waiting for homes in shelters, we don’t need breeders creating more dogs. When we buy a dog from a breeder, we are not “re-homing” the dog, a term she uses to fend off critics. We’re perpetuating a problem that supports the unnecessary breeding of dogs while lonely and scared shelter dogs die. Breeders and pet stores may also be less responsible about spaying and neutering.

5) Many dog shelters conduct thorough interviews and background checks to ensure the suitability of prospective parents whereas many breeders and pet stores are profit-driven above all else. Adopting dogs is about more than satisfying people; it’s foremost about the best interest of the animals.

Auerbach fails to mention that most shelter dogs, including puppies, live happy and healthy lives in their new forever home. While I applaud her for previously rescuing dogs and providing them medical care before she started raising her pom poms for breeders and condemning shelters, and while I empathize with the medical challenges she experienced, she makes reckless generalizations, fails to comprehend the global problem of dogs in shelters, and doesn’t weigh the impact of her suggestions on the millions of adoptable shelter dogs waiting desperately for homes. Many of these dogs also came from breeders and puppy mills because they couldn’t find homes or people surrendered or abandoned them.

tri county animal rescue


I’ve been volunteering at dog shelters in Florida, walking dogs, hosting fundraisers, providing orientations for volunteers, and matching prospective parents with dogs, for more than 20 years. Dog shelters are places that give hope to the downtrodden and brighten the lives of families beyond measure. I have never met more happy people than I have speaking with the grateful masses who return to volunteer after adopting a shelter dog or adopt another dog to join their family.

This is Rusty, an abandoned shelter dog with a clean bill of health. I visited him today at my local animal shelter to take him for a walk and provide him comfort until he finds a home. Rusty was thrown over the shelter’s fence in the middle of the night by his owners. When I entered his cage, he was crying, pushing his nose into my chest, and licking my face.



As I left the shelter today, this thoughtful couple adopted this sweet and healthy puppy named Sammy. They were beaming with pride as they explained how rewarding it feels to save a life.

These are the faces of abandoned, abused, stray, and surrendered dogs. I hope they dispel Auerbach’s inaccurate statements about shelter dogs being sick and inappropriate for adoption.

Auerbach states that shelter dogs are a “crapshoot.” For compassionate people who love animals unconditionally, there’s nothing risky about shelter dogs and our desire to care for them never wavers. To the contrary, it grows stronger as they grow older and our bond becomes unbreakable. With millions of dogs waiting desperately in shelters for homes, it’s the height of irresponsibility to promote breeders simply because she doesn’t want to care for a dog if he or she becomes ill. Her article serves as a valuable reminder to everyone who runs a dog shelter to screen applicants carefully. Not everyone deserves a shelter dog.

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Vegan Chocolate Smoothie

kirschners korner smoothie

3 tbls. Cacao
1 tbls. Maca
2-3 Frozen Bananas
2 cups Almond Milk (I make my own with raw organic almonds, water, and dates)
1 tbls. Almond Butter
1 tbls. Chia Seeds
1 tbls. Flex Seeds

In a high powered blender, blend all ingredients and enjoy this chocolate smoothie.

It’s delicious and refreshing and it’s always a more compassionate and healthier choice than eating eggs and bacon. Please consider giving it a try. Thank you.

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Easy Vegan High Protein Breakfast Burrito

breakfast burrito

Sprouted super firm tofu (2/3 cup)
yellow onion
green pepper
black beans (8 oz.)
burritos (2)

Directions (Serves 2)
1. Cut up tofu in small pieces. Stir on medium heat until water from tofu is evaporated or tofu is cooked slightly. Drain water if necessary. Add splashes of coriander, turmeric, and cumin and stir for one minute.

2. Add finely chopped onion, pepper, beans, and cilantro. Stir on medium heat for two minutes.

3. Heat burritos in oven on 350 degrees for 30 seconds.

4. Place mix on burritos and add salsa. Enjoy this delicious and healthy breakfast.

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