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Chef Andres Leaves Students Hungry for the Truth

August 27, 2013 Dear Editor: As an alumni of The George Washington University who only eats plant-based food and advocates for people to allow animals to live freely, I read your cover story “Food for Thought” in the Summer 2013 edition … Continue reading

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The Most Important Lessons I’ve Ever Learned

Children yearn to be loved. Love, engage, challenge, and nurture them and they will blossom. Believe in them and they will believe in themselves. The only person you will ever fully know is yourself. There are very few leaders in the world. … Continue reading

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Introducing The Role Models

I’ve been thinking about ways to increase my impact on the children I mentor as a volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club. I was spending 10-20 hours every week with hundreds of children helping them with homework, playing sports, … Continue reading

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Diary of a Juice Cleanse

At noon today, I ate as much unhealthy and fattening food as I could stomach with the false hope that it will sustain any cravings next week. In all likelihood, it will offset the weight loss benefits of my upcoming … Continue reading

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Future Conversations

Daughter: “Mom, is it true people used to pay to see elephants and other animals perform in the circus? The circus we see only has people in it.” Mother: “Yes, honey.” Daughter: “Why did they do that? The people weren’t good … Continue reading

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Not Ready to Say Goodbye

What does a dog mean to you? What has my dog meant to me? Without his love, I don’t know who I’d be. I found him alone, I found him on my lap. Twelve years ago, We took our first … Continue reading

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The Solution to the Education Crisis in America

Pick your head up off the desk! Stop sleeping. Wake up! Pay attention. Are you listening to me? What did I just say? Stop tapping your pencil. Am I talking to myself? I’ll wait. I’m still waiting. Do you want me … Continue reading

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Shame On ESPN

With an audience of millions of people, we expect journalists to research topics and use caution while speaking extemporaneously. When reporters fail to follow these elementary rules in broadcasting, there are far-reaching consequences. Journalists have a moral obligation since their audience often … Continue reading

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Teaching Children Kindness to Animals

As a volunteer at my local Boys and Girls Club, I have the privilege of mentoring hundreds of at-risk, low-income minority youth. I help them with homework, teach them to play chess, and referee football games. It is a very special place that … Continue reading

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The Truth About Milk

The Harvard Public School of Health published the results of recent studies seeking to determine if calcium from cows’ milk helps prevent osteoporosis (the weakening of bones), the primary argument made for drinking it the past century. Unlike biased studies … Continue reading

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