A Message for Every Kid on Facebook

I know many of you care about global issues such as poverty, equal rights, the abuse of animals, and global warming and work tirelessly to help them. You also have Facebook and Twitter, powerful platforms that can help you reach millions of people with your message. I want to challenge you to use these inventions to better the world — to create more events using Facebook to benefit the less fortunate and to find new and exciting ways to make the world a more humane place.

While I realize Facebook and Twitter are social networks, I also understand that millions of people and animals are hurting right now and need your help. I don’t want you to grow up and say “I wish we had done more” when it’s too late. Do more now. If you’re already doing a lot, keep up the good work. If you have time to do more, go for it. Make your generation and future generations proud. I hope these stories about child heroes inspire you to get active in your community and provide you with some ideas to get started. That’s my status update. I hope you “like” it.

Andrew Kirschner, Ed.D., is a grassroots vegan animal rights activist. He writes a zero-profit blog, Kirschner’s Korner, to help raise awareness about issues affecting the global community to make the world a more humane place. To receive new articles via email, enter your email in the “Follow Blog Via Email” link at the top right of the blog.

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